From Engineering to Bag Design

I'm Eda and living in Seattle, WA. I design and create bags in my little home studio. They are all made by me with love :)

I have always been fascinated by shapes and colors. The most vibrant memories from my childhood relate with the moments while my grandma was spending hours with her old Singer sewing machine. However, I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Uni. and worked in a well known technology company for 5 years. At this point you may wonder what happened after… Well, I found this old sewing machine in a dusty roof and started sewing! After practicing long hours at nights and weekends, I created and launched my first collection. Since then I've been making handmade and homemade bags with great passion. Now I'm proud to announce this great hobby has become my full time job and I really enjoy to share them with you.

Hope you'll like my designs and spread the word to others.


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